Welcome to ULM Bearings

We are a leading contract manufacturer of all types of bearings

Welcome to ULM Bearings

We Provide best bearing solutions in industrial areas

Welcome to ULM Bearings

We are the Leading contract manufacturer company in India.

About us

Bearing Suppliers and Manufacturer in India

This noticeable brand at Delhi functions under the management of proficient professionals belonging to the bearing industry. Known for its unrivaled quality made available at affordable prices, ULM Bearings Bearings has made the life of all its customers easy and convenient. It has added significance to their lives through its assorted and supreme product line, great collaboration and state-of-the-art manufacturing systems.

What We Offer ?

Precision And Technology With Innovation

ULM Bearings Bearings is India’s top manufacturer and supplier of bearings known for its high-quality and timely delivery. ULM Bearings manufactures a wide range of bearings every year to provide services for bearings to wide assortment of customers across the Automotive, Railway, Aerospace, small and heavy industries sectors. The product line covers ball bearings, angular bearings, deep groove ball bearings, taper roller bearings, self-aligning Ball Bearing, cylindrical bearings, spherical roller bearings, needle roller bearings, thrust bearings, and various other unique products.

"The quality of ball bearings are so good thanks, i'm happy with your service."

Sk Besu

CEO of Sk group

We are happy to deal with ULM Bearings company i appreciate to ontime deliver order.

Sahil gupta

CEO of sahil insutries.
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