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Bearing Manufacturer in India

ULM Bearings as a leading Bearing Manufacturer in India provides bearing solutions for a vast range of industrial applications.Faster lead times, an expanding product line, a state-of-the-art factory and a proprietary product quality management system have positioned us as a performance leader in the bearing industry. All our bearings are manufactured on job works with our most advanced Bearing Technology to significantly extend the life of bearings and reduce metal-to-metal friction – saving time and operation costs. As a value-added service, we offer complete bearings fitment to maintenance solutions to our valued customers.


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At ULM Bearings we have developed a proprietary product quality management system that provides for continuous improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste from our processes and throughout the supply chain. We provide complete engineering services and technical support – from bearing application assessment to custom product development and review. Our engineering team designs bearings and components to help our customers achieve their technical and commercial requirements.

Manufactured at our world-class manufacturing facilities in India, ulm bearings is the most trusted name in the design to production of antifriction bearings & customized friction solutions. The company has grown steadily, delivering reliable bearings solutions and customer services.Our vast experience across various industry verticals has allowed us to evolve from leading manufacturers to complete fraction solution providers for various industry sectors. Our speed, large inventory and consistent on-time deliveries enabled us to become the most reputed bearing supplier in India in a very short span of time.Under the brand “ULM Bearings” we will have the latest manufacturing facilities to produce up to 400 mm outside diameter. The advanced technologies being adopted by the leading manufactures will be adopted. Under the Atmanirbhar and Make in India program, to make India self-reliant in critical spares, we have started working on the project.

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The entire ecosystem of vendors, workers, employees, buyers and all those people who get involved with the company in any way should feel their personal success whilst being associated here.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a leading manufacturing company in India for standard and non-standard bearings. To manufacture quality product for both the Indian and International market. Customer should get complete bearing solution at competitive prices while maintaining minimum inventory and getting the product in shortest possible time.


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"The quality of ball bearings are so good thanks, i'm happy with your service."

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We are happy to deal with ULM Bearings company i appreciate to ontime deliver order.

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