Thrust Ball Bearings


Thrust Ball Bearings

An axial load is supported by a thrust bearing, a form of rotary bearing that rotates between parts to reduce friction (mostly in low-speed applications). The axial bearing is what allows pieces to rotate with one another.

BMC offers tailored solutions to help your industry lead as a worldwide leader in the bearings sector. We come up with ways to achieve the bearing you require and shorten your lengthy lead times. We can assist you whether the bearing needs to be customised, created, or fixed to your specifications. In this article, we cover all aspects of thrust bearings, including designs, uses, and more.

Types Of Thrust Ball Bearings

  • Flat land bearing - made of a single flat disc with grooves and no moving parts
  • Tilting pad bearing - consists of moveable metal plates called thrust shoes
  • Thrust ball bearing
  • Cylindrical thrust roller bearing
  • Tapered thrust roller bearing
  • Spherical thrust roller bearing

Features And Benefits Of Thrust Ball Bearings

  • They offer high reliability
  • Provide high load capacity in harsh environments
  • Simple mounting - the shaft and housing washers can be mounted separately
  • Provide a wide assortment

Application And Uses Of Thrust Ball Bearings

  • Automotive :- In modern vehicle gearboxes, thrust bearings are used to support axial forces brought on by helical gears. They are also perfect for oil-lubricated, higher speed automotive applications.
  • Transportation :- Thrust bearings are crucial for the transportation sector because they enable stronger and better engines and propellers.
  • Generators and water turbines :- The ability to reduce friction and drag makes some types of thrust bearings perfect for use in generators and water turbines.
  • Heavy-Duty Machinery :- Thrust bearings with high load ratings are suitable for heavy-duty machinery, such as drills and cranes.
  • Industrial Machinery :- Several types of industrial machinery have a need for rotating shafts, making thrust bearings a crucial component.
  • Mining & Construction :- Thrust bearings can support axial loads in machinery used in demanding mining and construction environments because they are typically made of corrosion-resistant materials.



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